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Gord & Family and Friends

Nora, Kathryn and Gord April 2019
Brad Sales in Grenada
Brad Sales in Barbados
Best in Show of Festival of Trees Noveem
Gord getting a new pair of free expensiv
Gord &  Kathryn in Minneapolis October 1
Kathryn, Christine and Gord (2)
Kathryn, Christine and Gord (1)
Gord & Kathryn December 2017
Gord Kidd Dec `3, 2017 at the office
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2017 Nov 26 Kathryn Kidd
Gord and Kathryn 2006
Angela Kidd & Gord Kidd
Angela Kidd & Mikayla Stoodley
Food for Kids Donation by Haliburton Lions 2017
Gord Kidd in 1982
G Kidd 2
G Kidd 1
Gord Kidd 7_edited
Gord 4
Kidds Beach in South Aftica 2
Uncle Marv
Kidd's Beach in South Africa 1
Great Grandfather Robert Kidd
Gord Kidd with a want a be Elivis 1995
Gord Kidd Great Uncle
Gord's Great Uncle's information
Gord Kidd b
Gord Kidd a
Gord 3
Gord & Kathryn 2017
Gord Dad
Gord 2
Gord & Kathryn 3
Gord (2)
Gord & Kathryn
Gord & Kathryn 2
Disney World Gord pulled out of audience for Indiana Jones show
Angela's wedding
2012 Hwy of Heroes Parade with text
1979Gord in Algonquin Park
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Kathryn's nephew Dylan married Serenity  on August 26, 2017 and Gord wrote and sung a song at their wedding for them. The recorded version include

Our Love Was Fate - Gord Kidd, Ian Pay, Brad Sales
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Gord at his many events

2019 Nov 23, 2019 Pioneer Church
May 6, 2019 Walker Home Hardware Preview
Walkers Home Hardware Opening May 6,2019
June 1, 2019 Minden Legion
Gord Kidd Promo
Chritmas Tree Lighting and Carolling
Haliburton Santa Parade November 23, 201
OHTO Night on Oct 29, 2018
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Scott Russell, Gord Kidd & Ian Pay at Abbey Gardens June 10, 2017
Food for Kids 2017 1
Food for Kids May 27, 2017
Gord Kidd March 25, 2017 Haliburton Lions Hoedown
Haliburton Lions Hoedown March 25, 2017
Haliburton Lions Hoedown Dinner & Dance March 25, 2017
Gord Kidd Prom March 18, 2017 Minden Legion
Wayne Revoy and Gord Kidd
Gord Kidd & Wayne Revoy
Laurie Perry, Gord Kidd, Ric Pringle
Gord Kidd & Scott Russell
Gord Kidd in Niagar Falls
Gord Kidd at Niagara Falls 2
Gord Kidd & Friends at Food 4 Kids event
Gord Kidd & Michael O'Toole
Gord Kidd & Ian Pay
Gord Kidd & Scott Russell (2)
Gord Kidd & friend
Gord Kidd & Friends at Dominion Hotel
Concert in Minden Haliburton Hearing Service Parking Lot
2016 March 26 Gord Kidd & Sap Suckers 2
Gord Kidd  at Haliburton Legion Dec 3, 2016
Gord & Band
2016 Elmira Maple Syrup Festival Line up
2016 March 26 Gord Kidd and Slap Sucker
2016 Food for Kids 1
2015 Music on the Gull
2015 Christmas Shindig
2015 Haliburton Santa Parade
2015 Gord Kidd & Matt Duchene play in Head Lake Park summer event
2014 Aug First show after my ATV Accident
2014 July Gord Kidd Welcomed back after ATV accident
2014 May 27 Food for Kids Event
2013 Nov 30 Homemade Stew Concert
2011 Aug 11 Wilberforce Fair
2013 April 6 Elmira Maple Syrup Festival
Gord Kidd & Friends a
50 50 band 2
Wilberforce Fair 2011
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Gord Kidd & Friends

Rotary Music in the Park July 24,2018

with featured guest Matt Duchene

Photos by George Giarratana

July 24, 2018 Music in the Prk
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Volunteers' Song

Pondemonium Haliburton 2018

(words & music by Gord Kidd with Ian Pay, Brad Sales)

All proceeds from the song will be donated to the Haliburton Lions for service in their communties


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Wayne Revoy and Gord Kidd