Trip Down Memory Lane

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"Growing Pains 1962

1962 Lakefield High School
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"New Era" 1968

Dave Bucknell, Jim Bucknell, Gord Kidd, Paul Dunford, Mike O'Toole
New Era 1 1968
Gord Kidd New Era 1968
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"Geysir" 1970-1975

Gord Kidd, Sharon Kidd , Gisbert Schaal ,Judy Niblock , Len Davidson, Christine , Gisli Gissurarson
1974 April Gord Kidd with band
Geysir 4
Flight route for Geysir
Geysir 18
Geysir 17
Geysir 16
Geysir 13
Geysir 12
Geysir 10
Geysir 11
geysir 8
Geysir 9
Geysir 7
Geysir 5
Geysir 6
geysir 3
geysir 2
Geysir 1
Fond Farewell to Geysir
Geysir 19
1970-1975 Scandinavian Tour Gord falls off staged
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"Massebah" 1978

Massebah soft sell through Folk Rock
Massebah 7
Massebah 4
Massebah 5
Massebah 8
massebah 3
Massebah 1
massebah 2
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"Jackhammer" 2006

2006  February Lakefield Legion performance
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"Kidd Kountry Music"

Kidd Country Music 2
Kidd Country Music 1
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"Mainstream Country Music" 2011

Mainstream Country Music _edited
2011 Farow Main, Steve Main & Gord Kidd
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"Gord Kidd & Zoe Chilco" 1994

Gord Kidd and Zoe Chilco. 2
Gord Kidd and Zoe Chilco
1994 Haliburton County Fair Gord Kidd and Zoe Chilco
Gord Kidd with Zoe Chico
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"50/50 Band"

Scott Russell, Wayne Revoy, Gord Kidd, Leo Ryan
50 50 band 2
Russell, Revoy, Kidd, Leo Ryan
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"Gord Kidd & Friends" 2015

Gord Kidds & Friends
Gord Kidd & Friends a
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"Gord Kidd & Friends: Scott Russell, Ian Pay " 2017

Gord Kidd Prom March 18, 2017 Minden Legion
Bruce Caves, Ian Pay, Gord Kidd, Scott Russell
Ian Pay, Scott Russell, Gord Kidd, Bruce Caves
Scott, Gord and Bruce
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"Baha'i Faith"

Gord & Kathryn Kidd with Gisli Bissurarson in front on Bahai Temple Frankfort Germany June 2017
First Bahai Summer School in Iceland 1972
Bahai Members
Bahai Adventure
Bahai 3
Bahai 4
Bahai 2
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Gord's Many Awards

2015 Hall of Heroes_edited
The Cdn Hearing Society Award to the Hall of Heores_edited
Teh Cdn Hearing Society Award for the Hall of Heores 2
2014 The Haliburton Legion Appreciation Award_edited
2015 Northern Ontario School of Medicine Appreciation Award_edited
Dog Guide Participation Award_edited
Dog Guide Participation Award_edited
2017 Dysrt et Al Certificate of Appreciation
Award from the Cdn Hearing Society for 25 Years of Service
2016 The Cdn Hearing Society Accessible Award for Haliburton
2014 Nomination for the Highlander of the Year
2015 Minden & District Lions Club  Appreciation Award
Thank you from the Haliburton County Pet Owners Association Funds
Gord Kidds many awards
2017 Singing Contest on Cruise_edited
Gord's novel
Cruise Singing contest Award back
Cruise Singing Contest Award front
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Newspaper articles about Gord

Kinmount Fair August 2019
2019 August 2 Midnight Madness
2017 May 27 Food For Kid Fundraiser
Haliburton Lions Hoedown 2017
Gord Kidd at theHaliburton Hoedown March 25, 2017
Gord Kidd at the Lions Hoedown 2017
2013 Nov 30 Haliburton County Folk Society Event
Neil Campbell article A Kid In Reykjavik
Gord Kidd Supports the Haliburton Lions Guide Dog Walk
Gord Kidd releases his new album
Local Band CD sales will boost Legion building fund
2014 Haliburton Lion Hoedown
Gord Kidd returns to his roots in Lakefield
Gord Kidd and Sayne Reid
2017 January Gord Kidd win Voice of Ocean competition
2014 April 14 Gord Kidd, Ian Pay and Scott Russell
2015 The Kidds support the Moosonee Puppy Rescue
2012 July 21st 10th Annual Stanhope Heritage Day
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Gord with Family and Friends

Disney World Gord pulled out of audience
Kidds Beach in South Aftica 2
Kidd's Beach in South Africa 1
Kathryn, Christine and Gord (2)
Kathryn, Christine and Gord (1)
Great Grandfather Robert Kidd
Gord's Great Uncle's information
Gord's Friends in Grenada
Gord's Friends in Barbados
Gord's 70 Birthday
Gord Kidd in 1982
Gord 4
Gord Kidd Great Uncle
Gord Kidd Dec `3, 2017 at the office
Gord Kidd b
Gord Kidd a
Gord 3
Gord and Kathryn 2006
Gord Dad
Gord & Kathryn 2017
Gord & Kathryn December 2017
Gord 1
Gord 2
Gord (2)
Gord & Kathryn 3
Gord & Kathryn
Gord & Kathryn 2
Gord & Angie 1982
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