Gord Kidd's Art Works For Sale

Please email Gord if your are interested in any of his creative works
Gords Winter Scape 2020
Winter Scape 2 2020
patio view
Animal 2020
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Wendys Woods $400 oil
Lake in Purple $400 oil
Pine Lake Sunset $100 oil
Kelly Lake $100 oil
Old Homestead $500 oil
Birch in swamp $400 oil_edited
End of the World $300 oil_edited
Warm together $400 oil_edited
Haliburton Forest Walk $600 oil_edited
Northern Lights $400 oil_edited
Northern Guardian $400 oil_edited
Owl Passing By $400 oil_edited
Peaceful man $300 oil_edited
Spring Petals $300 oil_edited
Spaced Kitty $100 oil_edited
The Twinkle Patrol Book $12.00 _edited
Winter Window $200 oil_edited
Wolf $300 oil_edited
Visit to Nfld $300 oil
Winter Street $400 oil
Sunset Secret Lake $600 oil
Reflections in REd $500 oil
Night Ship $200 oil
MacDonald Lake Thaw $600 oil
Gord Kidd tshirts $20.00
Home for Christmas $500 oil
Friends $200 oil
Forest Gate $200 Watercolor
Flower Box $700 oil
Fire Lake $500 oil
Dark Day $200 oil
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Gord Kidd's Creative Works Not For Sale

Gift for Gord from sister in law Rudy and friend Marianne 2017
Gift to Kathryn 3 mths after accident Not for sale water col & ink_edited
Strolling with Maggie Not for Sale Watercolor
Our Little Maggie Not for sale oil
Memories in France Not for sale oil
Gord's First Painting 12 years old Not for sale oil
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